Titwala Pose 22″ | टिटवाळा पोज , २२ ईंच

  1. Idol is made from natural red soil.
  2. Zero chemicals used such as Gold colour, Newspaper, Diamonds.
  3. Easy to carry Idols anywhere with safe packaging.
  4. 100% dissolvable idol.
  5. After visarjan soil is used to plant a tree.
  6. Kit includes Idol, Pot, Fertilizer & Seeds.
  7. Durable forever in a safe place.

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Titwala Pose 22″ | टिटवाळा पोज , २२ ईंच

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Rebirth of Nature with Clay Ganesha

Let us celebrate this year Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way by welcoming your home a Murti of Clay Ganesha. It is basically made up of Red Soil, Organic Fertilizers, Natural Colors, and Seeds that will transform Ganesha Murti into a Tree in future.

This 22 Inch Idol’s weight is up to 5 kg and one person can easily handle it.

To complete the immersion ritual with a Clay Ganesha murti, all you need is a Bucket of water and the best part is, it can be done in one’s own Home instead of being carried to a waterbody. This exciting new format instantly touched a chord with people. It not only solves the water pollution issue but also creates a huge environmental impact for water bodies that get polluted every year.

So, Book your Clay Ganesha now and contribute  to Nature!

1 review for Titwala Pose 22″ | टिटवाळा पोज , २२ ईंच

  1. Manikar

    Masterpiece! Once it was delivered at home, I just could’nt take my eyes off. Ganapati Bappa Morya!

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